The Brea Jiu-Jitsu women’s program is open to ages 13+ of any experience level. Classes are designed to be very accessible to beginning practitioners while still offering more advanced practitioners an opportunity to expand upon their skills. More than just a limited set of self defense techniques, the womens program is designed to introduce the student to the entire spectrum of philosophies and techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This class is very tightly knit and whether your goals are to compete, maintain fitness or start a new hobby, we work to meet each individuals goals. Attendance in both classes per week is highly recommended.


What to expect in an hour class:


10 minute exercise period.


Exercises are light hearted but challenging. Typical exercises might include leapfrogging, passing a medicine ball to eachother while the class is moving in a circle, “Train runs” where the class runs single file while holding each others belt making the lead runner pull the train, circuit training with stations, ab workouts and leg workouts.  Exercises are always new and interesting and make you work while having fun. Participants are encouraged to stay within their limits and rest if necessary. Rest time is given before moving on to the next part of class.


20 min drilling familliar techniques


This portion of class focuses on the drilling of techniques shown in recent classes. Leg drags, spider guard breaks, sweeps, breaking grips, single legs, transitioning between various open guards, escapes are some examples of techniques that might be included in the drilling session. Dont know what any of that means? Thats ok! We’ll show you one class at a time. These movements are often only a small part of a full technique and very easy to execute – even as a beginner. These drills are also very functional for women aiming to test themselves in competition. This segment is where you make your biggest improvement as martial artists as it allows for the rapid development of muscle memory. Expect to get tired drilling. This is where you burn the most calories! A rest period will be given before the start of the next segment.


15 min new instruction


By this time, you will be pretty tired and enjoy resting while instruction is given. 1 new technique will be shown per class. More than just learning a move, you will learn the concepts behind the position that the technique requires. You will learn what is bad and what is good in any given position so you are able to better reason your way through a problem when rolling. The technique is practiced very slowly to ensure proper attention to detail.  This technique will be the drilling session of the following class where it will be reviewed and practiced more rapidly.


15 min sparring/training


2-3 rounds of live training where the goal is to catch your partner in a submission. New practitioners will likely be paired with more experienced members and rolls at first will not be competitive.  The goal will be more instructive in nature until there is more comfort between transitioning from position to position. As you begin to feel more comfortable with the techniques, you will naturally evolve over time to more competitive rolls. For those looking to compete or with more experience, harder rolls with the instructor with plenty of individual feedback are frequent.


Sit in on an actual class: