Monthly Rates*:

$125 – Adults Jiu-Jitsu
$125 – Kids Jiu-Jitsu (7-14)
$65 – Juniors Jiu-Jitsu (4-7)

*Monthly rate provides access to all classes on the schedule.

Multiple family member discounts:
Family Jiu-Jitsu Pass (Unlimited number of kids/adults in immediate family.) – $250/month

We offer other discounts for immediate family members signing up together, but the total would be under the family pass rate. There are many possible combinations, so ask about them when visiting!

Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Discount:
$10 off monthly membership.
50% off registration fee (if applicable)
May not be combined with any other special promotion.

Registration Fee:
$80 for month to month (Plus additional monthly fee. See below)
$40 for 6 months
$0 for contract lengths of 1 year

Contract Options:
Month to month – Add $15 to membership in addition to registration Fee
6 Month – Standard registration fee and standard tuition
1 Year – No registration fee and standard tuition

Upfront payment:
1 year – $15 off our standard membership price.

Purple Belts (any verified lineage):

Brown/Black Belts (any verified lineage):
No fees of any kind. No teaching requirements.


Out of town visitors have no mat fee.

Belt testing, other fees, hidden costs:
Our membership cost is all inclusive. Occasional fees for optional one time events such as in house tournaments and parents night out will be minimal. We sell gis at very affordable prices due to our relationship with gi manufactures and distributors, but members are not required to purchase our gis from us.

There are no belt testing fees or belt testing in general. Members are promoted when the instructor sees they are ready for promotion – never on a scheduled attendance card with increased fees as they are promoted. With the exception of a Junior enrolled in Jiu-Jitsu Playtime program transitioning to the full kids program, member fees will never adjust upward.


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