Class Schedule

We are OPEN with our modified schedule. Call/Email to set up a free trial!

No touch social distancing BJJ Program!

Physical separation, class sizes of max 10, grappling dummies, live streams and video analysis form our strategy.

Daily 7AM Classes

Our daily 7AM Classes has a dedicated group of regular students. Our shower makes it easy for you to train and get to school, work or family.

Competition Team In Action

Check out this highlight of our student Nolan Stuart who won the 2020 IBJJF Pans in the adult blue belt division!

Kids and Juniors Programs

Brea Jiu-Jitsu has several different kids classes taught by a black belt and former BOUSD elementary school teacher!


Dan “TrumpetDan” Lukehart is the owner and head instructor at Brea Jiu-Jitsu. Dan has been training Jiu-Jitsu since January of 2006 and is a Black Belt under Beneil Dariush.

Guest Tour

Come take a virtual tour of Brea Jiu-Jitsu and find out the top 13 reasons to choose Brea Jiu-Jitsu


Brea Jiu-Jitsu is located at 379 W. Central Ave Brea, Ca 92821. Click the image above for a map and directions.

Kid’s Summer Camp!

We are proud to announce that we will be having a Kid’s Jiu-Jitsu Summer Camp June 17th-22nd. It will be for beginners and run 10am-noon daily. Participants will learn how Jiu-Jitsu is used for self defense, sport and positive lifestyle choices. Camp participants will conclude the experience by competing in a friendly tournament with other camp participants! Cost is $150 and includes a gi (uniform), daily snack, instruction with our staff and 1 month free pass to our daily kids program. Enrollment will be capped at 16 kids. 50% deposit required before June 14th to reserve your spot. Use the contact box on the right and let us know you would like to save a spot for your child.

Saturday class with Jimmy Cerra!

This Saturday Dan will be coaching our women’s competition team at Dream’s women’s tournament. BJJ black belt and pro MMA fighter Jimmy Cerra will be filling in. Prior to moving out to LA, Jimmy was Jiu_Jitsu coach for the legendary Miletich Fighting Systems gym. He will also be available for private lessons after class. Don’t miss!

Pan Ams Competition Schedule

Pan Ams are this week and as a result we are cancelling all classes Wed-Saturday. We will hold a daily open mat at 6PM Wed-Friday and no classes on Saturday.

Here are the times people on our team are competing:

Roger & Lance – Wed 4:00PM
Kevin, William, Lawrence & Luis – Wed 5:10PM
Joe – Wed 6:10PM
Derek – Thurs 11:40AM
Ji – Fri 11AM
Mike – Fri 2:10PM
Dan – Sun 10AM

ALL matches will be streamed live on PPV which can be found at The IBJJF site will have the mat number and match order during the days of the event. Follow along from home!

University California Irvine
100 Bren event center
Irvine, California 92617

Brea Jiu-Jitsu Friendship Tournament Results

White Belt:

1. Lance Phillip Chong – Brea Jiu-Jitsu
2. Khiem Tran – Brea Jiu-Jitsu
3. Richard Cassara – NKD

1. Luis Serrano – Global Jiu-Jitsu Academy
2. William Kwon – Brea Jiu-Jitsu
3 John Choi – Brea Jiu-Jitsu

1. Rick Camarero – Borann Jiu-Jitsu/Brea Jiu-Jitsu
2. Amaure Morales – Brea Jiu-Jitsu
3. Joe Orosco – Brea Jiu-Jitsu

1. Rick Camarero – Borann Jiu-Jitsu/Brea Jiu-Jitsu
2. Richard Cassara – NKD
3. Joe Orosco – Brea Jiu-Jitsu

Blue Belt:

1. Emilio Carrero – Gracie Barra Garden Grove
2. Spencer Nogawa – Mendes Bros (Atos)
3. Angel Alvarez – Gracie Barra Garden Grove

1. Derek Gard – Brea Jiu-Jitsu
2. Rick Dawson – Bas Rutten Elite MMA/AKXE BJJ
3. Enrique Hernandez – Ralph Gracie OC

1. Derek Gard – Brea Jiu-Jitsu
2. Emilio Carrero – Gracie Barra Garden Grove

Purple Belt

1. Arun Sharma – Robot BJJ
2. Mike Wilson – BTT

1. Ichihashi Masataka – Gracie Barra
2. Travis Williams – Tap Out

COVID Update: Limited Live Training Resumes in Adults Program

Effective on Sep. 25th, 2020 we have implemented the next phase of our reopening plan. In our morning and 2nd evening adults class, we are allowing cohort training. You will be partnered with 2 other people and limited to training with those partners only and contact is permitted. At the moment, we are just specific training and sparring during those classes to get back in shape. Our first adults evening classes on Monday/Wed/Friday continues to be no contact dummy class. It is recommended that if you are trying BJJ for the first time as an adult, the dummy classes would be the best choice for your first class at the moment. Our kids and juniors classes also remain no contact.

Kids/Juniors/Adults 1st class on Mon, Wed, Fri:

  • Classes will be limited to 10 people
  • All classes will be no contact consisting of solo exercise/grappling dummy drills/analysis
  • All students will be assigned a taped off section of mat space that others may not enter
  • In person classes will be supplemented with Zoom (online interactive live stream. Kids and juniors classes only)
  • Mats and dummies will be cleaned prior to every class
  • Modified schedule to allow for cleaning and distancing between classes
  • Medical grade air purifiers that can remove particulates down to .003 microns (virus size)
  • We do not anticipate we will need to turn away students due to the limited class size at this time, but we will add classes if this becomes a problem.
  • Parents/spectators are not allowed during class, but may monitor on the livestream (kids/juniors only)
  • People who live in the same household may train with one another may be drilling partners
  • Students with a persistent cough/sneeze/fever will not be permitted to attend in person. This includes allergies and other common causes unfortunately.

If you are interested in trying a free class, just come on by. No email, phone call or appointment required. Questions:

This is our schedule as of 9/30/20