April COVID Update: Adult Program Returns to Normal

Our adult program will be returning to normal training conditions on April 12th. In our local community, approximately 50% of Orange County has some level of antibodies via either vaccination or previous COVID-19 infection as of this post. In addition, nearly all of our regular adult members (80-90% in a given class) have been vaccinated with at least 1 dose.

Our kids and juniors program will continue with cohort style training. Cohort training allows partnering with 1-2 other students with contact, while remaining separated from the rest of the group. Masks are worn during instruction and exercises. We will remain more cautious with kids as they are not a vaccinated group and evidence shows that the B.1.1.7 variant is spreading among kids in youth sports. We attempt to balance benefit/risk to both the kids and our general community and do not yet feel comfortable returning to regular training for this age group just yet.

We will continue to provide Zoom classes for kids and adults as well as practicing with a dummy by parent request.